KiwiVPN is supported on jailbroken iOS devices to give your iPhone, iPad, and iPod vpn support. Wish iOS VPN, you can connect securely just as you do with your computer. Currently, our client files default to port 1194 but if you would like to create your own files, all vpn ports are supported using the files we have and the steps below.

To install OpenVPN on your device, go to Cydia and search for “GuizmOVPN”. When it appears, select it and then Install.

Launch the application and then select “Download new configuration”. Select “Other…” and point the address to the client files for the server you wish to use. (ex. /files/ The application will download and install the client files. At the main screen, tap “euro1-client” and then Connect. It will ask you for your KiwiVPN username/password and you will be connected.

If you are unable to use port 1194 for your VPN service, you may create your own client files for GuizmOVPN. You will need to create a folder on your computer named KiwiVPN. In this folder, copy the configuration file you use and the crt file. Zip this folder and under Settings, you can enabled the webserver and send the file via WiFi.

Note: GuizmOVPN is a application not made by KiwiVPN and is a shareware. You can use it without restriction during 7 days. After this evaluation period, the VPN will disconnect every 5 minutes. If you wish to purchase the application, you may use their website: here